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Specialty Bore Gage Examples

Internal Spline Internal Groove
Internal BallScrew Internal Thread

Specials Application Chart
Groove: For internal groove measurement. Various anvil forms available. Diameters from 6-100mm.
Thread: Thread forms available as 3 point system.
Special Length: Diameters from 2-6mm can be supplied. Length dependent on diameter.
Spherical Radius: Can be supplied as a 2 point for ovality or 3 point contact. Available from 6-100mm 2 point, 6-300mm 3 point.
Slot width (large): Slot widths from 3-100mm.
Plain Diameter: Available from 6-150mm diameter. Blind bore below 12.5mm if required
'O' Ring, Ball Race: For size from 2-300mm diameter. Can be inter-changeable with standard anvils on some systems.
Internal Splines: 2 point heads machined to suit particular spline. Pitch diameter heads fitted with precision ground carbide rollers. Sizes available from 16-300mm diameter.
External Splines: Pitch diameter frames fitted with carbide ball and roller. interchangeable plungers to suit requirements.
Internal Screw Thread: To measure effective (functional) diameter, pitch diameter, major diameter, between M4-300mm. No. 8 UN-12" diameter.
External Screw Thread: For pitch diameter measurement from 2-100mm metric and UN forms. Other forms by special request. Plunger tips interchangeable.
Taper: Set using distance between heads. Point contact on bore using carbide balls. 3 point also available.
3 Point Spherical: Gives good repeatability even when out of line with bore centres. Available from 3-300mm diameter on digital systems.
Irregular Spacing: Available between 16-300mm diameter to measure between odd spaced lobes.
Deep Hole: Depths to 8 metres available above 50mm diameter.
Depthmatic: Fast slide action Depth Gauge 0-300mm. Inter-changeable contact tips: Ball, Needle, Standard, Flat.

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