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Bowers SuperBore System

World reknowned for it's accuracy and ease of use, the Fowler/Bowers SuperBore System is the top of the line in production internal gauging.

Bowers Electronic Bore Gage Heads cover a wider range of hole sizes than conventional air or electronic plug gages. Bowers' system needs fewer setting rings and no sleeves.

Superbore anvils are made from Zirconia ceramic - an "advanced" ceramic which offers high strength, low coefficient of friction, better wear resistance than carbide, excellent abrasion resistance (1.5 x carbide), better corrosion resistance than carbide, coefficient expansion similar to steel, and it's non-magnetic.

The Bowers Gage Head threads onto the transducer/handle. Optional extensions in sizes 2 1/2" - 6" increase the measuring depth. The extensions can be connected to each other to further increase depth. Extensions can be used on heads above .236" diameter.

Superbore Features:
Highest Accuracy Heads
Self Centering Heads (2 or 3 Point)
Small Bore Measuring from 1-6mm
Minimal Operator Skill Required
Blind Bore from 14-300mm
Calibration Certificate Supplied
Robust Construction, Ok for Shop
Large Variety of Displays Available
Special Heads Quoted on Request
By utilizing our powerful Sylvac D-80 or D-100 display units, additional components such as probe fixtures, external measuring devices and hand tools can be added for a complete inspection center. Up to 64 instruments can be connected at any time.

One of the best features of the Fowler/Bowers system is our capability to make custom heads and anvils to suit your specific applications. These include:
Slot Width
Deep Hole
Ball Race
Odd Point
Bowers Superbore heads can also be used on our popular Pistol Grip handles for true freedom of movement, releasing the operator from the constraints of power and cables

We offer Fowler/Bowers sets in standard kits to fit your specific range of production parts, or individually. Please contact us for more details...

  • Range sizes: 0.040" - 12.126" (1-308mm).
  • For smaller sizes 0.040" -.236", a 2-point or "split cylinder" system is utilized.
  • A 3-point contact wedge system is used for larger sizes 0.236" - 12.126 (6-308mm).
  • The 3-point contact is designed for indicating lobing.
  • The 2-point design is for indicating out-of-roundness.

    Click to see accuracy and range chart for "A", "B" and "C" dimensions.

If you would more information on the Bowers SuperBore System, please fill out our Information Request Form.