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  Instrument Technical Tips

Always remember to press the Reset Switch when changing the battery on your Fowler/Sylvac caliper. It is located under a small rubber cap near the thumb lock screw. Just hit it with a paper clip, and it will "reset" the caliper display to factory default.


Have a "older" Fowler Ultradigit I or II indicator? Do you require PRESET (a feature not implemented until later generations)? Just spin the dial clockwise until the display shows the required value. By setting ZERO at the right spot during rotation, you can PRESET whatever value is required.


Bulk purchase batteries for your Fowler Digital Instruments at a warehouse club and save money. Most of the batteries for Fowler handheld digital instruments are either a CR 2032 (wafer style) or SR44 (button style).


Accidentally keyboard lock your D-100/D-100S digital display unit? By holding down the Enter Key while switching the unit on, you can clear the keyboard lockout feature. Be careful not to hold down the Clear Key, as you will loose the channel settings!


Did you know that the Opto-232 cables now come with the mini GageWedge software that allows direct input into any Windows 95/98/NT program? It only works with one Opto-232 gages, so for other instruments or more sohisticated data entry functions, you should still use the Software Wedge program.


Many people make their own special probes for our height gages such as the V+ Series or Z_Cal. The only trick is to keep the probe close to the same weight as the standard ones, so as not to upset the counterbalance or overly increase or decrease the measuring pressure. Try it for those tough, hard to get places on your parts...


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