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Fowler/Trimos Mini-Horizontal

 The Fowler/Trimos Mini-Horizontal is a complete system for accurately measuring small internal and external sizes with a single gage.
Sylvac's electronic D-100 Display is recommended for use with the Mini-Horizontal because of its proven operational reliability. The display unit is the positive answer to a variety of measuring problems. In order to satisfy the demand of quality in production, a direct two-way RS232C data output allows connection to a printer or computer.

Mini-Horizontal Electronics Features:
True inch/metric conversion with 4 resolutions
Digital and analog display
Input of nominal sizes and tolerance limits
Classification (2 to 6 classes)
Input of preselected values
Selection of measuring direction
Channel selection (1 to 64)
Dynamic Measurements Min/Max/Avg/Tir
Locking of the functions and of inch or mm display
External contact connection (foot-pedal or computer)
SPC and print out of all values/data processing

Mini-Horizontal Mechanical Features:
    Internal measurements:.24" -- 4" (6 -- 100mm) depending on accessories

 External measurements:0 -- 4" (0 -- 100mm) depending on accessories.External measuring range is increased by displacing the end stop (direct zero setting or setting of a preselected value).

 Accuracy: Within .00006" (1.5p) -- corresponds to accuracy of Sylvac probe #54-618-500.

 Resolution: Using Display Unit #54-618-150, the resolution is .0001" or .00001" (.001 or .0001mm).

 Interchangeable measuring anvils for external measurements (6.5mm diameter with tungsten carbide tipped surface are standard).

 Interchangeable measuring inserts for internal measurements (4.5mm diameter, rounded, are standard).

 Vertically adjustable table for internal measurement, hard chromed and ground surface, supplied as standard.

If you would like more information or a flyer on the Mini Horizontal, simply fill out our Information Request Form, or contact our office.

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