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Fowler/Trimos Height Micrometer

 Made in Switzerland by Trimos SA, the internationally recognized leader in height measurement, the THM Height Micrometer combines high accuracy, durability and long life into a simple, easy to use, reliable instrument.

Applications & Advantages:

  • Eliminates errors which result from "stacking" gage blocks
  • For direct and transfer measurements.
  • For squareness checking.
  • Set internal and external instruments such as micrometers, bore and snap gages, etc.
  • Eliminates errors and speeds up work.

THM Height Micrometer Features:

Easy to read display works off of the non-rotating column
Read direct to .0001" and easy interpolation to .000050"
No verniers, "half-way" digits or error producing factors.
Exceptional accuracy. Maximum deviation = +.00006"
Maximum spindle deviation = +.00004" (0.001mm)
Patented design has three sets of steps in one column
The column consists of 12 steps spaced 1" (25mm) apart
Each step has a top and bottom face in the same plane
Hard chrome (68RC) lapped steps extend out .472"
Rugged cast iron housing with 3 carbide lapped base pads
Includes inspection certificate and dust cover and fitted case

 Triple the life of other gages...
Because the Trimos THM Micrometer uses a patented 3 face column, in the event that a set of measuring faces is scratched or damaged it can easily be rotated by a technician to one of the other two sets of measuring faces. This gives the Trimos THM Height Micrometer triple the life of the competition.

If you would like more information or a flyer on the Height Micrometer, simply fill out our Information Request Form, or contact our office.

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