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Fowler/Trimos THV System

THV Gage The THV instrument fulfills the constantly increasing high quality requirements of industrial manufacturers for many applications. With a single measuring system, the checking of internal and external sizes can be accomplished easily and accurately. Basic gage calibration can also be achieved with this unit.
High accuracy is guaranteed by perfection in instrument construction, and the use of the Heidenhain or Sylvac measuring systems. The simplicity of the unit and its ease of use allows precise and quick performance of all measurements. The instrument can be used in a horizontal position, or can be rotated through 90 degrees using the optional support stand.

THV System Features:

Allows part measuring and gage calibration
Fully adjustable measuring pressure
Large 4" internal and external working range
Full complement of measuring accessories
RS-232 Serial output for computer connect
Includes inspection certificate & warranty

The Trimos THV System was developed to meet the high quality requirements of international ISO-9000 & Q-9000 standards.

THV Measuring Shown here checking a ring gage, the THV is the ideal system for calibrating and inspecting many types of shop inspection tools, thus saving much expense on outside calibration laboratory costs.

In addition to gage calibration, the THV is ideal for the inspection of high precision machined parts.

THV Measuring
THV Specifications:
External measuring range 0 -- 4" (0 -- 100mm)
Internal measuring range 0.4 -- 4" (10 -- 100mm)
System repeatability 0.000005" (0.1um)
Maximum resolution 0.000001" (0.00002um)
Measuring force 0 -- 4 Newtons
Unit weight 44.2 lbs. (22kg)
Specifications shown using Heidanhain System - May vary with other scale systems

5 Year Warranty

If you would like more information or a flyer on the Trimos THV System, simply fill out our Information Request Form, or contact our office.

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