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Fowler Thread Trend System Helps Shop Cut
Cost's and Increase Quality Control

Jackson, Michigan, August 1996 Advance Turning and Manufacturing Inc., really lives up to its name these days, particularly since the specialty machine shop has begun using a new thread gaging system from the Fred V. Fowler Company.

Advance Turning's principal production comprises turned and milled machine parts for the aerospace and other high precision industries, parts of tight, demanding tolerances which require sophisticated manufacturing practices and knowing how to hold microns during their process.

The Thread Trend Gaging System of Fred V. Fowler Company, first acquired by Advance turning last year (1995), "has made the difference between having a fixed versus a variable reading. which is much more precise," according to Tom Rooney, Advance Turning's Quality Manager.

"Previously," continues Rooney, "it was necessary to have different thread rings for each external size. Now, we can always tell exactly where we are on the new machine, which is adaptable to all sizes of the same pitch -- from #4 to 2-1/4" diameter pieces and threads from 6 to 48 pitch"

Vendors Require Total QC...

Aeroquip Corp. is one of many companies who rely on Advance Turning for high quality screw components. They depend on Advance to supply only the best. Founded in 1972, Advance Turning maintains two atmospherically-controlled inspection laboratories for its metrology instruments. Its shop floor is configured into machine "cells," allowing one machinist to perform different operations on the same job.

Rooney explained that the company uses standard rolls in its production of these threaded products and does all settings of the new instruments in a gaging laboratory before they are taken to the turning machines in production. Formerly, he added, the company had to purchase thread rings for each external size, while today it can handle all sizes of the same pitch. "With this instrument and the application of statistical process control systems we can track our quality better," he says.

Thread Trend Makes Difference...
The instrument is ideal for setting up and monitoring thread production, and its simple design allows even unskilled personnel to obtain accurate readings. Rolls are adjusted with a standard micrometer or caliper --and no templates or special tools are needed for quick, precise setups. Essentially the instrument controls quality of fit by detecting roundness irregularities. Although Advance Turning is in the process of converting its manual SPC system to an automated one, it can take advantage of an electronic indicator on the instrument to make the transition.

Fowler indicates the system is ideal for special applications such as circlip grooves, plain outside diameter roundness and more. The screws for the rolls are recessed, which allows measurements to be made close to the shoulder of a workpiece. The device can accurately measure both pre-plated and post plated threads.

"We only need a set plug to set the size of the parts being checked," Rooney adds. "Overall, we are now obtaining a 20% cost saving with the new instrument.

If you would like more information or a flyer on the Thread Trend, simply fill out our Information Request Form, or contact our office.

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