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Ultra-Height Measuring Gage

Versatile Height Measuring Unit

Fowler's economical "Ultra-Height" has evolved to bring you the most advanced digital height gage of its kind in the industry. Happily suited to both the laboratory and shop floor environs, the Ultra-Height provides clear, consistent measurements every time.

Resolution .00005" (.001mm).
Use for scribing or Measuring
Sturdy single column beam.
Inch and Metric operating modes.
Quality Swiss construction.
Patented Sylvac Electronics Pack
Direct RS-232 SPC Output.
Microfine adjustment screw.
Heat insulated hand grip/base.
Includes 5 year warranty!

Ultra-Height Ordering Information
54-105-012 0 - 12" ( 0- 300mm) Ultra-Height Accuracy 0.0015" (.035mm)
54-105-024 0 - 12" ( 0- 300mm) Ultra-Height Accuracy 0.0020" (.050mm)
Ultra-Height Accessories
54-565-082 Test Indicator Holding Bar

If you would like more information or a flyer on the Ultra-Height Gage, simply fill out our Information Request Form, or contact our office.

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