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Trimos V+ Series Height Gages

More Range - Better Accuracy!

Introducing the new and improved Fowler/Trimos V+ Series height gages. The V+ Series offers the same great features of the V-Series height gages with and extended range of up to 9 inches with the addition of a second probe holder.

Utilizing the latest in Sylvac electronics, the V+ Series height gages allow for measuring of heights, surfaces, inside & outside diameters, slots and centerline locations all without changing probes. The gage is perfect for both the lab and shop environments.

Internal and external diameter measurement is accomplished with a unique floating carriage system and a built-in air pump facilitates easy movement and reduces operator fatigue. It's rechargeable battery can run for 120 hours on a single charge and it's direct RS-232 output makes it SPC ready

Three V+ Series models

V300+ with 12" travel and 21" working range

V600+ with 24" travel and 33" working range

V1000+ with 40" travel and 49" working range

V-Series Height Gage Specifications:

Ranges: 12"/300mm - 24"/600mm and 40"/1000mm
Accuracy: 3µm +(L(mm/300)
Resolution: .00005" and .001mm
Automatic Diameter and Centerline functions
Incremental floating zero & preset
Large, high-contrast LCD display & Keypad
Rechargeable Battery with 120 Hours usage life
Direct inch/metric conversion
Direct RS232C output connects to SPC or printer
Special application accessories available
Built-in air pump to reduce wear and fatigue
Measuring Speed = 60 "/1.5m per second

Enhanced Electronic Functions:
A new electronic display complements the V+ Series height gages and adds many features not normally found in gages of this type, such as the ability to automatically calculate both internal/external diameters and centerlines, offsets, slot widths and grooves. Min and Max functions are also included.

The large LCD is simple to read and understand with icons and visual cues relating to the various measuring applications.

Advantages Over Other Systems...
  • Automatic measuring functions. No additional probes needed for ID/OD, Slot width etc...
  • Advanced electronics for simplicity and extreme ease of use.
  • Best accuracy of any gage in its range and price class.
  • Constant measuring force improves operator repeatability.
  • Industry standard RS-232 data output for SPC or printer output
5 Year Warranty

If you would like more information or a flyer on the V+ Series Height Gages, simply fill out our Information Request Form, or contact our office.

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