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Year 2000 Compliance Statement

The Fred V. Fowler Company is committed to supplying products that work well into the next millennium. We wish to make certain that our customers enter the next century with no disruptions to their production or operations from either product supplied by Fowler, or our own internal computer systems.
  • We have made changes to software and tested our internal computer systems as of early 1998 and found all systems to be Year 2000 compliant.
The following is a list of product groups offered by the Fred V. Fowler Company, and their current Year 2000 Compliance.

Product Group
Year 2000 Compliance
Mechanical Precision Tools
Mechanical Major Tools
Electronic Hand Tools
Software Wedge Products
YES (Windows 3.11,95,98,NT)
SPC Express Software
YES (Windows 95,98,NT)
Cutting & Holding Tools
Trimos Products
Sylvac Products
YES (1)
Bowers Products
Wyler Products
Wyler Software
YES (Windows 3.11,95,98,NT)
Major Electronic Instruments
1 Sylvac D-232 & D-100S With Real-time Clock use 2 Digit Dates ie; Year 2001 will be represented as 01. No upgrade planned.

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