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Z-Cal 600 XT Height Gage

Large Range - High Accuracy - Advanced Features

Introducing the new Fowler/Sylvac
Z-Cal 600 XT Height Gage. The XT Series offers additional range and more features to our popular Z-Cal line of height gages.

Utilizing the latest in Sylvac electronics, the XT Series height gages allow for measuring of heights, surfaces, inside & outside diameters, slots and centerline locations all without changing probes. Enhanced electronics allow for more measuring functions and improved inspection capability including built in SPC, X-Bar/Range and Histogram charts.

Internal and external diameter measurement is accomplished with a unique floating carriage system and a built-in air pump facilitates easy movement and reduces operator fatigue. The Z-Cal 600 XT has a high resolution, multi-line display for easy viewing, and direct RS-232 output.

The Z-Cal is supplied with a standard 4mm ruby probe, and a choice of accessory kits are available.  

Z-Cal 600 XT Features:

Measures heights, steps, depth and slots.
Measures internal and external diameters, centerline distance.
Measures squareness and angles with optional probe.
2 speed, motorized Z travel. Can be user programmed.
Direct inch/metric conversion, Min/Max/TIR conversion.
Large, high-contrast matrix display & keypad.
Stores 99 Parts Programs with tolerances.
Rechargeable Battery with Mains adapter included.
Direct RS232C output connects to computer or optional printer.
Special application accessories available.
Built-in air pump to reduce wear and fatigue.
Automatic Diameter and Centerline functions.
Incremental floating zero & 9 presets.
Built-in SPC with X-bar, histogram and full statistics.
Optical tolerance indicators (yellow - green - red).

Specifications: 54-930-600
Measuring range 0-600mm / 0-24"
Resolution 0.01/0.001mm / 0.0005"/0.00005"
Accuracy 4um / 0.00024"
Repeatability 2um / 0.00008" (2s)
Operational speed 0.2 m/sec - 8"/secmax (variable)
Measuring force 0.3 N / 1 ounce
Operational time 12 hours (charged)
Weight 12 kg (26.4 Lbs)
Data output RS 232 - Bi-directional

If you would like more information or a flyer on the Z-Cal 600 Height Gage, simply fill out our Information Request Form, or contact our office. Click here to view PDF - Right click to download

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