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Ono Sokki Baby Sensor

BS-102/BS-112 Compact Gauge Sensors

BS-Series 'Baby Sensors' are ultra-compact, lightweight gauge sensors for use in tight spaces.  These rugged  units feature a dust-proof, splash-proof design that conform to protection class IP64 and are suitable for use in dusty or damp environments.

Ono Sokki Baby Sensor


  • Compact for use in tight spaces

  • Lightweight measuring force

  • Water resistant models (BS-112W/BS-102W)

  • IP64 Protection Class

  • Compatible with all Ono Sokki displays



Model BS-102 BS-112
Measuring Range 0.4" / 10mm 0.4" / 10mm
Resolution 0.0004" / 0.01mm 0.0004" / 0.001mm
Response Speed 36 in/s 7.9 in/s
Measuring Force 100gf / 3.5 oz. 100gf / 3.5 oz.
Operating Temperature 41 to 104F/ 5 to 40C 41 to 104F/ 5 to 40C
Weight 5.3 oz./ 150g 5.3 oz./ 150g
Stem Diameter 8mm 8mm
Thread Size ISO M2.5 ISO M2.5
Dimensions 3"(L) x 1"(W) x 0.5"(H) 3"(L) x 1"(W) x 0.5"(H)
Cable 1.9 meter (integral) 1.9 meter (integral)
Protection Class IP-64 Available IP-64 Available


Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories




Integral Signal Cable (1.9 meters)

Dustproof Rubber Boot

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Finger Lifter

Gauge Stand (4.7" height)

Gauge Stand (9.8" height)

Extension Cable, 5m

Extension Cable, 10m

Extension Cable, 20m

Extension Cable, 30m


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