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Contact Tips for Gauges & Gauge Sensors

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AA-821  Half Round Contact Tip 4-48
AA-822  Flat Contact Tip 4-48
AA-823  Tapered Contact Tip 4-48
AA-825  Flat Contact Tip 4-48
AA-825  Flat Contact Tip 4-48
AA-826  Button Contact Tip 4-48
AA-827  Roller Tip (small) ISO M2.5
AA-828  Roller Tip (large) ISO M2.5
AA-831  Shell Type Tip ISO M2.5
AA-832  Tipped Contact Point ISO M2.5
AA-920  Ball Point Tip ISO M2.5
AA-921  Needle Point Tip ISO M2.5
AA-922  Bent Stem Contact Tip ISO M2.5
AA-880  Ball Point Tip (3mm) 4-48
AA-820  Ball Point Tip (3mm) ISO M2.5

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