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Horizon Series
Length Measuring System

The new Trimos Horizon Premium Length Measuring Instrument fulfills today's requirements of high accuracy quality control equipment. With superior systems engineering, Horizon
ensures the best measuring results
by easy manipulation.

System Specifications (all models):
Available Range(s): 0-21", 0-41", 0-61", 0-81", 0-120"
Resolution (analog): .00005", .00002", .00001", .000005"
(.01, .001, .0001mm)
Resolution (digital): .001", .0001", .00001" (.01, .001, .0001mm)
Repeatability (± 2s): .000008"/.0002mm
Measuring Force: 0—43 ounces/12N (adjustable)
Constant measuring force of the floating probe movement with digital indication
Displacement speed: 60"/sec. - 1.5 m/sec.
Fine adjustment range: .394"/10mm
Operational temperature limit: 10°—40°C
Operational humidity limit: 30—80%

Horizon Premium Construction:

The newly engineered base, made from a high strength alloy extrusion, has been rigorously tested and proves more stable than the cast iron used in other systems.

The rigidity and strength even exceeds that of solid granite. All bearing surfaces are stainless tool steel.

Ideally designed for Setting and Checking of instruments and measuring of all sizes of parts.

Horizon Applications:

The Horizon Premium can be supplied in a Digital version which runs with a supplied industrial PC system and integrated measuring software.

The included Win DHI software is the user interface for all functions and connection to a gage inspection & management system such as our QMSOFT calibration package.

Direct display of all length measuring values
Display of Minimum and Maximum hold values
Selection of Measuring Units (mm / inch)
Display of current measuring force in Newtons
Analog pointer display for min/max values
Selection of various resolutions (to 0.00001")
Introduction of up to 9 preset values
Multi-Windows mode on the screen
On-screen video help for measuring functions
DDE server for other programs (Excel, Word... )

On-screen Analog Display
with selectable resolution

If you would like more information or a flyer on the Trimos Horizon, simply fill out our Information Request Form, or contact our office.