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Universal Gage Calibration System

Trimos, the long time leader in dimensional length measuring machines, has developed the ultimate calibration tool in its new LabConcept universal gage measurement system.
Manufactured with advanced materials and components, the LabConcept sets a new standard for lab instruments. Designed for checking and setting of gages, internal and external measuring equipment and the measurement of precision components, Lab-Concept's Swiss quality, simplicity of design and its ease of use allows precise and quick performance of all inspections and measurements. The system is completely turnkey, and includes a flat panel touchscreen and industrial Windows PC for operator interaction.
LabConcept can Check and Certify:

Normal Plug and Ring Gages
Threaded Plug and Ring Gages
Internal & External Snap Gages
Calipers and Micrometers
Depth & Length Measuring Gages

Dial, Test & Electronic Indicators
Pin and Spacer Gages
Plus many more gage types

LabConcept Construction:
The newly engineered base, made from a high strength alloy extrusion, has been rigorously tested and proves more stable than the cast iron used in other systems. The rigidity and strength even exceeds that of solid granite. All bearing surfaces are stainless tool steel.
LabConcept Specifications:
Resolution: to 0.000001"/.00002mm
Accuracy: <0.3µm +(L(mm)/1200) µm
Repeatability: .000004"/0.1 µm
LABC 500 Range: 0-20" (500mm)
LABC 1000 Range: 0-40" (1000mm)
Measuring Force 0-12N (0-2.5lb)
Display: TFT Touchscreen (Win)
Max. Speed: 60"- 1.5m / Sec.
Working Temp: 10° - 40° C
Weight: 176 lbs / (80kg)
Win DHI Specifications:
The Win DHI software is the user interface for all functions and connection to a gage inspection system such as our QMSOFT
Direct display of all length measuring values
Display of Minimum and Maximum hold values
Selection of Measuring Units (mm / inch)
Display of current measuring force in Newton (N)
Analog pointer display for min/max values
Selection of various resolutions (to 0.000001")
Introduction of up to 9 preset values
Multi-Windows mode on the screen
On-screen video help for measuring functions
DDE server for other programs (i.e.; Excel, Word )

LabConcept is supplied as a completely turnkey calibration solution. It includes the instrument, TFT touch display, industrial computer, HP printer and DHI measurement software. Interfacing to existing calibration packages can be accomplished through DDE, data files, or we recommend the QMSOFT gage laboratory calibration package.

If you would like more information or a flyer on the Trimos LabConcept, simply fill out our Information Request Form, or contact our office.