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Wedge v1.2

WinWedge (SoftwareWedge for Windows)

WinWedge eliminates the need for manual data entry of instrument data into Windows application programs. WinWedge v1.2 is designed to work with simple ASCII output devices such as bar code and mag stripe readers, electronic scales, calipers and gages or any device that transmits simple text data.(For other instruments see WinWedge Pro).

Features of WinWedge v1.2 (Standard Edition) are listed below. WinWedge Pro and WinWedge 32 Pro support all these features plus the additional features listed under WinWedge Pro

  • Extremely easy to use menu-driven set-up. Can be configured for most standard serial devices and applications in a few minutes! Programming not required.
  • Supports all com ports available under Windows 3.x. May be installed on COM 1 thru COM 9 to collect data from serial instruments on up to 9 serial ports simultaneously.
  • Keystroke Macro Insertion. Add additional keystrokes or keystroke macros before, after or within your serial input data. Keystroke macros allow you to control where and how serial data appears in the target application program in Keystroke Mode.
  • Automatic Date/Time Stamping of your serial data.
  • Transfer Data as Keystrokes or via DDE items to any Windows application.
  • Up to 20 button Controllable Output Strings
  • Data Parsing Capabilities allow the user to split incoming data into fields. Input only the data you need and ignor the rest. The Standard Version (v1.2) only supports parsing and filtering of very simple data structures such as single field data records, comma delimited data or fixed length data records. The Pro versions support parsing and filtering of any serial data.
  • A powerful Serial Data Analyzer allows you to preview serial data and debug all serial communications.
  • Automatic Data Acknowledgement feature sends a command or acknowledgement string back to the serial device after each data record has been received.
  • Full Support of Dynamic Data Exchange
  • Timed Automatic Prompting. WinWedge can automatically transmit commands and prompts to your serial devices at regular timed intervals. This is popular for requesting regular data from instruments.
  • Data Filtering Capabilities let you selectively filter out non-numeric characters from any field in your input data or ignor specific field all together.
  • Selectable Communications Parameters. 110-19,200 baud (the Pro version to 56,000 baud): 5,6,7 or 8 data bits: EVEN, ODD, MARK, SPACE or NO parity. Supports full hardware and software Flow Control. Selectable input and output buffer sizes from 128 bytes to 32K.
  • Pre-Transfer Translation Tables. Translate incoming ASCII characters to specific PC keystrokes or keystoke combinations (Keystroke Mode) or other ACSII characters (DDE Mode).
  • FREE - DDE Command Tester LinkTest

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