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WinWedge Pro

WinWedge Pro (SoftwareWedge for Windows - Professional Edition)

WinWedge Pro and WinWedge 32 Pro are advanced products designed to handle even the most sophisticated serial I/O requirements. They can collect data from and control any serial device, no matter how complex the serial output or how sophisticated the control required. Collect data from and control industrial and laboratory instruments, quality and process control devices, PDTs, PBX systems, PLCs, etc.. Feed real time instrument data directly into into any Windows 3.x, 95 or NT application program!

In addition to all the features found in the WinWedge Standard Edition, the Pro version has all the additional features listed below:

  • Support for high speed data (up to 56,000 baud)
  • Support for new high speed 16550 UARTs and all available IRQs. WinWedge 32 Pro also supports up to 100 serial ports simultaneously
  • Advanced Data parsing and filtering capabilities are designed to parse even the most complex serial input data streams.
  • A Pre-Input Character Translation Table lets you translate or remove specific incoming characters BEFORE data is processed by the Wedge. This allows you to simplify complex data and greatly enhances the parsing and filtering capabilities.
  • Support for Binary, Hex, and Octal data. Binary to Hex and Hex to Decimal or Octal to Decimal translation filters allow the Wedge to work with devices that output binary, hex and octal as well as ASCII data.
  • A Disk File Logging Mode allows data to be collected to a disk file in the background while you work with other programs in the foreground.
  • Extended Serial Output Options including the ability to place a "Serial Output Buffer" directly into any DDE supporting application. For example turn a cell in a spreadsheet into a Serial Output Buffer so anything that you type in that cell would be automatically sent out through the serial port to your device.
  • Over 30 Powerful Math and String Functions allow you to apply standard and many advanced math functions (multiplication, trig. functions, averaging, etc) to incoming serial data.
  • Optional "Hot Key" Control of all WinWedge functions allows you to control WinWedge Pro from your other Windows programs with Hot Keys. This is extremely easy and is especially designed for those who cannot or will not use DDE. Define up to 50 Hot Keys to transmit prompts at a press of a key.l
  • A Virtual Instrument Mode to simulate data from any serial device.
  • Expanded DDE command Set. This gives you more precise control over all serial I/o functions directly from within your other Windows application programs.
  • Free FileWedge Software. This powerful new Windows program sends data from any disk file either as keystroke or by DDE into any Windows application. FileWedge parses filters and formats file data before inputting it into application programs. Log data to a disk file with the optional disk file logging option in WinWedge Pro and then use FileWedge to feed the data into an application program later.

Expanded DDE support in the Pro version allows other applications to completely control the SoftwareWedge and all serial I/O. This lets you create extremely powerful data acquisition and device control interfaces from within any Windows application that supports DDE (i.e. Excel, Lotus, Access, Quattro, InTouch, FixDMACS, etc.).

WinWedge Pro 32 is a true 32 bit version of WinWedge Pro (designed for Windows 95 and NT), providing higher speed - over 30% faster - data acquisition and instrument control. It has all the features of WinWedge Pro plus support for up to 100 serial ports, fully pre-emptive multi-tasking, faster DDE, and native 32 bit processing. In addition it supports TCP/IP as well as serial communications. Hence you can collect data or send data out over a network (Intranet, Internet or Ethernet) to any TCP/IP port address from within ANY Windows 95 or NT application (Access, Excel, etc...).

The 32 bit version will only run on Windows 95 or NT.
The 16 bit versions are fully compatible with Windows 95 and NT.

If you would like more information or a flyer on the Software Wedge, simply fill out our Information Request Form, or contact our office.

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