The Powerful HEIDENHAIN Contouring Control
iTNC 530
iTNC 530  
  Built for the workshop
The machine operator can program his operations in dialog with the control. For simple work it is easy to operate the machine manually with the iTNC 530.
  Fast block-processing times and optimum motion control make the iTNC the perfect choice for HSC machining
  Automated manufacturing
On machining centers the iTNC 530 manages tools and pallets. Over the data interfaces you can even interrogate operating conditions or operate the machine remotely.
For 20 years, TNC contouring controls have been proving themselves in daily use on milling machines, drilling and boring machines, and machining centers. This success is due in part to its shop-oriented programmability, but also to its compatibility with the programs of its predecessor versions. The iTNC530 is also compatible in its operation and programming with its predecessor models.
The machinist who has already worked with TNC does not have to relearn. On the iTNC 530 he immediately uses all of his previous experience with TNCs, programming and machining as before.
The iTNC 530 features a new, more powerful processor architecture, to enable you to finish your jobs in the workshop even more quickly:
With its sophisticated closed-loop control methods and short block processing times, the iTNC 530 mills your workpieces faster then ever.
With the fast editor of the iTNC 530 you can edit and add to you existing programs in seconds.
You can verify even complex programs quickly and simply with the iTNC 530 through its optimized graphic buildup.
Over its Fast Ethernet data interface (100 megabaud) you can transfer long programs quickly from a remote programming station to the control.
The new iTNC 530 therefore combines modern technology with the well-known user friendliness of a TNC.

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