User Functions
Brief description
Basic version: 3 axes plus spindle
4 th NC axis plus auxiliary axis, 
8 additional NC axes or 7 additional NC axes plus 2nd spindle (Axis option)
Digital current and speed control
Programming HEIDENHAIN conversational and as per ISO
Position data
Nominal positions for straight lines and circular arcs in Cartesian or polar coordinates
Dimensions absolute or incremental
Display and entry in mm or inches
Display of handwheel traverse when machining with handwheel superimposition
Tool compensation
Tool radius in the working plane and tool length
Radius-compensated contour look ahead for up to 99 blocks (M120)
Three-dimensional tool radius compensation for changing tool data without having to recalculate an existing program
Tool tables Several tool tables with any number of tools
Cutting data tables Cutting data tables for automatic calculation of spindle speeds and feed rates from tool-specific data (cutting speed, feed per tooth)
Constant contouring speed
Relative to the path of the tool center
Relative to the tool’s cutting edge
Parallel operation Creating programs with graphic support while another program is being run
3-D machining
software option 2
Motion control with minimum jerk
3-D tool compensation through surface normal vectors
Tool Center Point Management (TCPM): Using the electronic handwheel to change the angle of the swivel head during program run without affecting the position of the tool point
Keeping the tool normal to the contour
Tool radius compensation normal to the direction of traverse and tool
Spline interpolation
Machining with rotary tables
software option 1
Programming of cylindrical contours as if in two axes
Feed rate in mm/min
Contour elements
Line segment
Circular arc
Circle center
Circle radius
Tangentially connecting circular arc
Corner rounding
Contour approach and departure
Via straight line: tangential or perpendicular
Via circular arc
FK free contour programming FK free contour programming in HEIDENHAIN plain language with graphic support for workpiece drawings not dimensioned for NC
Program jumps
Program section repeats
Calling any program as subprogram
Fixed cycles
Cycles for drilling, peck drilling, reaming, boring, counterboring, conventional and rigid tapping
Cycles for milling inside and outside threads
Roughing and finishing rectangular and circular pockets
Cycles for clearing level and inclined surfaces
Cycles for milling straight and circular slots
Circular and linear point patterns
Contour pockets — also with contour-parallel machining
Contour train
OEM cycles (special cycles developed by the machine tool builder) can also be integrated
Coordinate transformations
Datum shift, rotation, mirror image
Scaling factor (axis-specific)
Tilting the working plane
software option 1
Q parameters
(Programming with variables)
Mathematical functions =, +, –, *, /, sin α, cos α, angle α of sin α and cos α, √a,
Logical comparisons (=, = /, <, >)
tan α, arcus sin, arcus cos, arcus tan, an, en, In, log, absolute value of a number, constant π, negation, truncation of digits before or after the decimal point
Functions for calculation of circles
Programming aids
Pocket calculator
Context-sensitive help function for error messages
Graphical support for programming cycles
Comment blocks in the NC program
Actual position capture Actual positions can be transferred directly into the NC program
Verification graphics
(Display modes)
Graphic simulation before a program run, even while another program is running
Plan view / projection in 3 planes / 3-D view
Detail enlargement
Programming graphics In the Programming and Editing mode of operation, the contour of the NC blocks is drawn on screen while they are being entered (2-D pencil-trace graphics), even while another program is running
Program run graphics
(Display modes)
Graphic simulation during real-time machining
Plan view / projection in 3 planes / 3-D view
Machining time
Calculation of machining time in the Test Run operating mode
Display of the current machining time in the program run modes
Returning to the contour
Mid-program startup in any block in the program, returning the tool to the calculated nominal position to continue machining
Program interruption, contour departure and reapproach
Datum tables Several datum tables
Pallet tables Pallet tables (with as many entries as desired for the selection of pallets, NC programs and datums) can be machined workpiece by workpiece or tool by tool
Touch probe cycles
Touch probe calibration
Compensation of workpiece misalignment, manual or automatic
Datum setting, manual or automatic
Workpiece measurement, automatic
Cycles for automatic tool measurement


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