MC 422 main computer
CC 422 controller unit
TE 420 keyboard unit
TFT color flat-panel display with soft keys: BF 120 with 10.4 inches or BF 150 with 15.1 inches
Program memory Hard disk
Input resolution and display step
To 0.1 m for linear axes
To 0.0001 for angular axes
Input range Maximum 99999.999 mm (3.937 inches) or 99999.999
Straight line: in 4 axes 
Straight line: in 5 axes (export permit required)
software option 2
Circle: in 2 axes
in 3 axes with tilted working plane
Circle: in 3 axes with tilted working plane
software option 1
Combination of circular and linear motion
Execution of splines (3rd degree polynomials)
software option 2
Block processing time
(3-D straight line without radius compensation)
3.6 ms
Option: 0.5 ms
software option 2
Axis feedback control
Position loop resolution: Signal period of the position encoder/1024
Cycle time of position controller: 1.8 ms
Cycle time of speed controller: 600 s
Cycle time of current controller: minimum 100 s
Traverse range Maximum 100 m (3937 inches)
Spindle speed Maximum 40000 rpm (with 2 pole pairs)
Error compensation
Linear and nonlinear axis error, backlash, reversal spikes during circular movements, thermal expansion
Stick-slip friction
Data interfaces
One each RS-232-C / V.24 and RS-422 / V.11 max. 115 Kb/s
Expanded data interface with LSV2 protocol for remote operation of the iTNC 530 through the data interface with the HEIDENHAIN software TNCremo
Fast Ethernet interface 100BaseT
Ambient temperature

Operation: 0 C to +45 C (32 F to 113 F)

Storage: –30 C to +70 C (–22 F to +158 F)

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